Question: Who is an expert on aliya?

Answer: Anyone who has ever made aliya!

Whenever I meet a potential Immigrant to Israel, invariably they ask questions based on information given by well meaning former Olim friends. E.g. Is it true that I can only ship goods from my country of origin? Where did they get that from? That regulation was cancelled several years ago!

Is there a limitation on size of the size of the apartment if I want a Government mortgage? Well yes there was — until about 15 years ago.

Aliya methods, benefits, visas, status — these things change all the time and it’s not at all easy to keep up with it all. We welcome your questions regarding all aspects of living in Israel under any type of wisa. Whether it is first-time aliyah, returning Israelis, returning olim, tourists — you are all welcome to send us your questions and we shall do our best to reply with honest and accurate answers.

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