On August 13, Israel may release 104 Arabs convicted in first degree murder, as a gesture to the PLO ​ and the Palestinian Authority​ , as a precondition to restart  peace ​ negotiations. 

None of the killers express regret or remorse.

The convicts expect to be received with a hero’s welcome by the Palestinian Authority, described as “partner to peace negotiations.”

On Sunday night, August 11, US House Majority Leader, Rep. Eric Cantor, arrives in Israel as the head of a delegation of Republican members of Congress.

Rep. Cantor’s delegation will meet with Israel President Shimon Peres and with the Israel Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu on Monday, August 12.

This is the time for US Citizens to ask Rep. Cantor’s congressional delegation to ask Peres and Netanyahu if any of the 104 felons scheduled for release were convicted in the murder or attempted murder of a US citizen.

​Rep. Cantor and the visiting Republican congressional delegation can be reached at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, where they can be contacted before they meet with Peres and Netanyahu.

Perhaps Rep. Cantor’s delegation could ask Peres and Netanyahu to reconsider the release of unrepentant terrorists.

Such a release creates a precedent for all terrorists, who will understand from such that you can conduct acts of heinous murder and later be released to an entity that will shower praise  on each and every killer.

​Congressman Eric Cantor has felt the  ​personal pain of terror

​His cousin, 16 year Daniel Cantor Wultz, was killed by a bomb placed by an Arab terrorist at a Tel Aviv Felafal stand in April, 2006.

Daniel’s leg was blown to bits. After writhing in pain for a few days at Icholov Hospital in Tel Aviv, Daniel died of his wounds.

Abu Nasser, a senior leader of the Fateh’s “Al Aqsa Martyrs” Brigades, which reports directly to Machmud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, told the media at the time said that Wultz was the “best target combination we can dream of – American and Zionist.”​