If he were still alive — what his plan seemed to have been — he would now mumble under his breath: mission accomplished. What mission?

The FBI and Las Vegas police have sorted through more than a thousand leads and examined [his] politics, finances, any possible terrorist radicalization and his social behavior. By Monday they had repeatedly searched his homes and interviewed his brother, girlfriend and others he’s done business with. …. “This individual purposely hid his actions leading up to this event and it is difficult for us to find the answers to those actions,” Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Monday, conceding he’s frustrated. – AP

And there is, hiding in plain sight, the feeling the murderer had on the day he chose to mow down as many people as possible. As we know from what therapists feel when listening intently to their client. When we feel X, best bet is that that is exactly what our customer is feeling.

Or what we feel when we listen to a crying baby. Does it feel scary, are we getting panicky, becoming worried? Then the baby is trying to get over an incident when s/he felt scared, panicked or desperate.

But he did not mass murder because he felt very frustrated. He felt frustrated with something. As I explained before:

The Las Vegas murderer had everything a person could want: money, a stable home with a partner, an exciting life, good health. But while his colleague Trump was on his way to fame and eventually became President of the US, he stayed a nobody. Yet, he would teach the world that he was someone special too. He would do something so awesome that it would keep people talking about him for generations.

He sought fame — plain and simple.

The worst thing is: he got it. That’s why I don’t write his name.

AP is writing that too, but without awareness that they solved the enigma: “most killers may want to take credit for their act…”

O, and nothing “set him off,” “caused him” or “made him.”


Meanwhile, the authorities are stuck in their own incompetence.

AP reports that former FBI profiler David Gomez is fascinated by the shooter’s “actual normalcy,” followed by: “The small group people who knew him well has said he did essentially nothing except gamble, sleep and travel between casinos.” If that is normal, then what is abnormal?

The sheriff has said “Every piece of information we get is one more piece of the puzzle.” Too bad they keep staring at the back of the jigsaw. On the front it screams: I can’t take this any longer — gimme fame!

And we still don’t know crucial information to see if police failed.