On Friday morning in Jerusalem

snow in Jerusalem

the snow was really coming down.

Knesset in the snow

The grounds of the Knesset were “semi” covered in white.

Gan Sacher in snow

When it snows in Jerusalem, it’s time to go to Gan Sacher!

Sacher Park snow

Well, unlike the Golan, it was not exactly a blizzard,

snowman in Jerusalem

but there was enough snow for a few snowmen

large snowman in Jerusalem

and lots of photos.

sledding in Gan Sacher

There were attempts at sledding

snwoball fight

and snowball fights.

snow in Jerusalem

All in all, there was just enough snow to make people happy

flooded path in park

before it melted and added to the already flooded paths.

After several recent predictions of snow, this one finally came true…

but you had to be quick to

snowman in Jerusalem

enjoy it.