Harry Freedman

My latest book is The Murderous History of Bible Translations. It will be published by Bloomsbury early in 2016. It's astonishing just how controversial the apparently innocent act of translating the bible has been. People have been excomunicated, ostracised and yes, even killed for it. Even once the violence subsided, as the world entered a more enlightened age, translating the Bible remained controversial. It can also be big business, as one of the final chapters shows. The whole subject is fascinating ; I am sure that you will agee that the book is well worth reading! My last book was The Talmud: A Biography, published by Bloomsbury in February 2014. The Talmud is the religious and legal pillar of Judaism. Containing nearly 2,000,000 words in thirty seven volumes, it covers topics as diverse as law, faith, medicine, magic, ethics, sex, humour and prayer. It is a highly complex, profoundly logical and frequently impenetrable work with a history like no other. In its 1,500 year history the Talmud has been banned, censored and burnt, dissected by scholars and rabbis, probed by philosophers, poets, republicans and kings. Its story is a fascinating insight into the history of Judaism. You can visit the book's website at www.talmudbiography.com.

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