Yocheved Binah Zahavi

Yocheved Binah Zahavi grew up in a sleepy, little town in Oregon and moved to Baltimore at the age of twenty. Due to her sheltered, yet dangerous upbringing almost everything was foreign to her. It is now two years later, and she is finally a Jewish woman. While being so young, life has been her teacher and she grew up fast. Yocheved Binah grew up in a Christian cult that was very abusive, and it almost cost her, her life. If she had not fled to Maryland to her family now, the Perlman's, she would not be alive today. Through their immense chessed, and love; she found herself in this world again. She has many stories to tell about her past and connects those stories with Torah ideas that she has learned and taken with her. She has a large story to tell and will not let fear stop her any longer from sharing it. She wants to write it in the hopes that another girl somewhere might read it; and see her way out. Words are powerful and can change lives. She should know of all people.

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