The bad-mouthing of Prime Minister Netanyahu by the Jewish American and Israeli left has become an obsession. A day does not pass by without someone or some organisation doing it.

This bad-mouthing is further fuelled by the fact that not a day passes without reference to the on-going interminable police investigation of the Prime Minister’s suspected wrongdoings.

Yet, the Israeli electorate’s approval rating of Netanyahu and Likud instead of going down has gone up and is higher than for all the other Israeli political leaders and parties.

Since there is no reason to think that the Israeli electorate has taken leave of its senses, what is one to make of this inconsistency?

I submit that all things considered, the Israeli electorate cannot repose their trust in any of the other current and past political leaders aspiring to the high office, to do as good a job for the country as they think Netanyahu is doing.

One would think that by now the critics of the Prime Minister would get this message and I name one or more worthy successors to Netanyahu. The fact is that they have been unable to do so to date.

That being the case, and until they do, these all-knowing self-righteous folks should stop publishing their codswallop.