Dear Mr Ban Ki-Moon

I appreciate that you are in charge of the United Nations, a large and complex organisation, and it must be very difficult to keep track of all the work that is going on. That being said, I think it is not unreasonable to ask that you prevent the UN from engaging in acts of terror.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency recently was subject to shocking revelations that make its status as an organisation that facilitates terror inescapable. Unfortunately, as UNRWA is part of the UN, and as the UN is one of its principle funders, this makes you a terror chief.

No doubt it was brought to your attention that twenty rockets were recently found in an UNRWA school. This, in and of itself, only speaks to the outrageous war crimes perpetrated by Hamas, hiding behind civilian populations, and UNRWA readily denounced Hamas for storing rockets there once they had been discovered.

In the aftermath of this incident however, UNRWA gave the rockets to Hamas, recognised as a terrorist organisation by the US, EU and other of your member states. The UNRWA denunciation of terrorists using its space has been shown to be a deception – UNRWA readily co-operate with Hamas on military matters. We knew that UNRWA ran terrorist training camps, that it employed known terrorists to run its schools, that it taught children the virtues of genocide against Jews. Now we know that it has taken an active role in that campaign.

It is thus far presumed UNRWA did not act in any way contrary to their orders. The UN has not as yet condemned a mutiny from one of its agencies. Therefore it is quite clear that the arming of a terrorist group was a deliberate act, endorsed by the secretariat.

If this is not the case, if you, Mr Ban, do not wish your organisation to be party to terrorism, now is your opportunity to disband UNRWA, cut off its billion-dollar funding and pave the way for a world in which terrorists are isolated and condemned, rather than armed and facilitated by UN agencies.

And in the end, you, Mr Ban, will be heralded for having rooted out the worst of the United Nations. You will leave an idealistic organisation that has been hi-jacked a slightly less soiled place than you found it.