The BDS Movement (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) has been sweeping the nation, with college campuses continually supporting divesting from companies and institutions that have connections to the Jewish state. Most recently, Northwestern University passed a resolution by a vote of twenty-four in favor, twenty-two against, and three abstaining to encourage the university to break their ties with companies such as Boeing and Caterpillar Inc. On three-hundred and six university campuses, the BDS anti-Israel, sometimes, anti-Semitic plan has been supported. It has not passed on every campus, yet there is continued support by students, and sometimes professors. What the people supporting BDS’s bigoted agenda ignorantly fail to realize is that their actions are counter productive, and serve as a blockade to potential civil discussion and eventually peace.

BDS is all about pointing fingers. They place the blame, in its entirety, on Israel. Their supporters compare Netanyahu to Hitler, Zionism to Nazism, and Israel to apartheid South Africa. All of these blatantly false allegations have become the foundation of the BDS Movement. While BDS and Students for Justice In Palestine claim they support peace, their aspirations are hostile, as they try to demonize Israel and its supporters. Their claims are outrageous, often false, and harmful to achieving peace. How can pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian students have a civil, productive discussion if one side is utterly blaming the other side for everything that has gone wrong. Evidently, they have little to no understanding of the history of the conflict.

The main question I have regarding the BDS Movement is if they truly care about the welfare of the Palestinian people, or if they just want to spread a climate of Jewish hatred and Israeli demonization. When BDS supporters call for boycotting Sodastream, a company that employs numerous Palestinians, their actions are counter productive. When BDS supporters are furious with Israel for not creating a Palestinian state, why don’t they condemn Egypt and Jordan for not creating a Palestinian state when they annexed Gaza and the West Bank respectively before 1967. Perhaps their motives are rooted in anti-Semitism. When BDS supporters claim Israel caused the Palestinian refugee crisis, why do they ignore the fact that numerous Arab nations denied Palestinians any basic rights and treated them as animals. When BDS supporters blame Israel for erasing the land of “Palestine” and pushing Palestinians out, why don’t they mention how the first sovereign Palestinian lands were created by Israel’s government. And lastly, when BDS supporters say that Israel has a plan to continually expand and conquer, why do they ignore that Israel has given up the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza, and parts of the West Bank for peace. Ultimately, the BDS Movement examines the Israeli-Palestinians conflict from a narrow, uneducated point of view.

If BDS was truly an advocate for peace, they would not place all the blame on the Israelis. They would condemn acts of terror in which innocent Jews were slaughtered at prayer, and would not use a shooting at a Jewish supermarket to begin the hashtag, Je Suis Palestinian; I am a Palestinian. They would not accuse Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians, when Israel given them the most aid per capita and their population has grown exponentially. If the BDS Movement supported peace, they would not support a side that glorifies terror. They would support the side the upholds freedom and democracy.

Even if you are pro-Palestinian, I urge you to vote against, or rally against the BDS Movement and its radical agenda. Boycotts, divestments, and sanctions do nothing but significantly harm advancements towards peace as they isolate and degradate one side. What BDS loyalists fail to realize is that their movement places the spotlight on destroying Israel, instead of finding common ground and advancing the peace process.