Remember the seasonal flavors that would appear at the local ice cream shoppe at various points during the year? Like peppermint stick in December, pumpkin pie in November, or America’s Birthday Cake in July? Wouldn’t it be great if there were seasonal flavors based on the Jewish calendar?

Since buying an ice-cream maker a few years ago, my wife and I (OK, mainly my wife) have tinkered with seasonal ice creams at home. We’ve made pomegranate ice cream for Rosh Hashana, Merlot sorbet for Purim, and Bailey’s Irish Cream ice cream for Shavuot (yes, and maple ice cream for Thanksgiving). I suggested experimenting with a haroset ice cream for Pesach – a vanilla-base with chunks of apples steeped in cinnamon and wine.

Lo and behold, Ben & Jerry’s Israel posted their list of kosher for Pesach ice creams, which includes a haroset ice cream, available only at the factory outlet!

I had someone pick up a pint today, and here it is.

Ben & Jerry's Haroset Ice Cream

The ice cream is packed in a generic Ben & Jerry’s container, so there’s no special label or list of ingredients. From what I can tell, it’s vanilla-based with apples and cinnamon, and lots of walnuts. It is definitely premium ice cream and quite tasty, but it is not very haroset-y.

Still, it was worth it for the experience, and perhaps this will be the start of a trend in Israel. Perhaps for Yom Ha-atzma’ut they’ll unveil a totally Israeli flavor like halva (Marc Tracy would suggest calling it, Ben & Jerry’s style, Halva Nagila), or roll out the s’mores ice cream for Lag B’Omer. For now, enjoy the haroset ice cream – it sure beats horseradish!

Nothing like some cold haroset ice cream after koshering the kitchen