Last night at WeWork, Dubnov, Benjy Singer started off an event to announce the signing of a new WeWork center in Berlin, and others on the drawing board.  This is an addition to the two existing WeWork in Tel Aviv and Herzliya and a new ones coming online at the Sarona Market (Tel Aviv), Jerusalem and Be’er Sheva.

Following the opening announcement with Benjy, Berlin Mayor, Michael Müller – announced a cooperation agreement where startups from each other’s cities could work and collaborate in various co-working spaces Berlin and Tel Aviv.

After coming back from living and working in Berlin in my role for the Rackspace Startups program, I can personally attest to the fact that linking these two dynamic startup ecosytems not only makes complete and obvious sense, but plays on each other’s strengths.

Where you live, the environment you work in, contributes to the output of your work.

Now you can have the best of both worlds with a cooperative agreement between the these two wonderful cities where startups will be able to use each other’s co-working spaces.

If you come to Berlin, you are in the heart of Europe.  You can pretty much be anywhere, and reach any major startup hub within four hours by taking the wonderful train sytem. As for London, it’s an hour flight (not counting in the time to get to the airport, clear security, and getting into the center of town).

I’m looking forward to returning to Berlin, while keeping my focus in Tel Aviv and of course, Israel’s other major startup ecosystems in Jerusalem, Haifa, Nazareth and Be’er Sheva. Initiatives like these expand our reach, connect more dots, and open new opportunities for startup ecosystems like Tel Aviv and Berlin.