Donald Trump is not the only one who is campaigning for all the four years in office. Obama started with this early and others have learned from this. Also Bernie Sanders is campaigning around the year and years. But he won’t stand a chance because Trump is a much better speaker.

Now, on top of that, we have even more proof that Sanders will never make it. I once wrote to him, never got an answer but since then get tons of messages from him and his campaign. The latest from the Senator of Vermont himself shows that he has no problem seeking publicity before he even has a clue of what’s going on. He’s supposed to be a serious person.

The message is headed: “An issue of grave consequence that affects the lives of millions of Americans.” You would think the war on poverty or the threat to world peace. Wrong. It’s about Trump’s intention to not decriminalize marijuana. Don’t stop reading — it gets worse.

The problem is that marijuana convictions “that lead to jail time make it harder for them to find a job, get housing or go to college. Is this a widespread problem,” especially “in communities of color and poor communities because enforcement of marijuana laws is much stricter there than in more affluent, white communities.”  That’s clear.

But then he starts equating all drug use to marijuana use. He states that “[w]e need to stop criminalizing addiction.” Well, most people who use soft drugs don’t do that because they are addicted. “The war on drugs” should only be about hard drugs. Hard drugs is a completely different ballgame. But he doesn’t seem to have any idea.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier: “Uneven enforcement and the fact that people of color receive longer sentences for the same offenses than white defendants means more felony convictions in those communities. And that means – surprise, surprise – fewer voters.” And “[p]eople with felony convictions cannot vote in many states. Today, for that reason alone, over 6 million Americans are denied access to the ballot.” And why is this not addressed? “The sad truth is that some [right-wing] politicians benefit from [poor and colored] people not being able to vote.” He seems to be serious.

Bernie Sanders means well. That makes it only much sadder.

Full disclosure: I made aliyah from Amsterdam where I lives for 20 years. Since I was born, I have never used hard, soft or medical drugs besides antibiotics, including alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, painkillers, narcoleptics, amphetamine and aphrodisiacs. I’m now also a strict vegan.