Rockets are flying and we duck for cover while heading to the pool, camp, work and normal summer outings. No matter what situation we face here in Israel, we keep enjoying life and moving forward.

Here is a great new product to take with you on those outings that will satisfy your salty snack cravings and keep us healthy. #stickittotheterrorists.

We have a lot to do and accomplish as individuals and as a people. So it is great that I am constantly finding new healthier products to keep life enjoyable and improve our health, so that we can fight on and show the world our contributions.

Best New Healthy Products: Salty snacks

Brought to you this week by BagelBagel Brand snacks

photo by Lily Aronin

photo by Lily Aronin

These thin bagel crisps are whole grain, full of fiber and low in fat. Only 105 calories a serving and a great way to satisfy your salty snack cravings in a healthy way. Go Israel, I recommend the sesame. Look for them in your local supermarket and get out there and enjoy the summer in healthy way.