Maybe I’m senile, but as I remember, when then Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin sent the IAF to bomb the Iraqi nuclear reactor, he just did it and surprised everyoneThat’s the way to do it, Bibi.

I also remember the Six Day War in 1967, when Israel, on its own defeated the Arab armies which had been planning on destroying us and driving us into the seas.  It just took six days, real-time.  We were almost defeatd in 1973, because we consulted with the Americans.

Nu, has the United States learned how to win a war since then?

So, why has Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu been yapping and consulting and waffling and melting and talking and hinting and warning and thinking and wondering and asking and giving the Iranians all this warning and time to finish their nuclear weapons development?

It may be too late already.