We understand if you’re upset by the continuous flood of published baseless accusations, slander and hatred against you and your family.

I’m glad that you followed my advice of only the day before, to defend yourself. You were eloquent as always.

I understand that hyperbole can work well in polemics and may very well elicit a smile or laughter: “I want to tell you that there are rumors, which reached me just now, that soon the media will demand that [my dog] Kaia be questioned under caution.”

However, you should stay nuanced. Exaggerations are never true and hurt your position.

Do not equate the hateful Left and all Israeli Press. There are reasonable media, as you know, who check very well to differentiate at all times between rumor and slander on the one hand, and proof and legal conviction on the other.

You don’t trash all politicians; why then would you rubbish every journalist?

Acknowledge the ones trying to inform rather than confuse. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, the Jerusalem Post, Arutz 7 and last-but-not-least the Times of Israel with the sensational anti-Zionists.

Rather, loudly differentiate between them. Say that the shame and guilt of the Fake News Media is brought to the fore by their contrast with the serious media outlets.

Doing so is truthful, will help your case, and is well-deserved by true journalists and news outlets that serve and contribute to democracy.