Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropThe journey of this girl begin when she wrote a letter to NASA during 1960s space race, asking what she could do to become an astronaut, only to be told that no women were being accepted into that program. Though it’s common for the women to be rejected for no reason, this little girl scout from Chicago has come a long way from that rejection, standing strong as the first nominee for any major political party in US history. If she wins, she will be supreme authority over the same NASA which rejected her 40 years ago. What makes Hillary Clinton a strong candidate or even a strong women?

A perfect wife — not many women in the world stand by their husbands after they have affairs, but Hilary understood that her own issues come second to the nation’s image. She stands as a perfect example of how tolerant a women can be and how she can put need of other people over her own. A quality which is very essential for President of the United States.

A role model — In a world where women are struggling to become as qualified as men, Hillary Clinton has created a bullet proof resume for herself, A Yale graduate, named one of the most powerful lawyer in US, Worked on 3 presidential campaigns, 8 year as First lady, A US Senator and Secretary of State. All this on a resume is good enough to scare the crap out of Albert Einstein. We don’t know what kind of President she will be if she got elected, but one thing is for sure, that she will be the greatest cheerleader for women all around the world. And believe it or not in this biased world, we do need a great cheerleader.

First Female President of the United States? No one knows for sure, she is standing against one of the most unconventional candidate in the US political history. Although a female politician she is used to fighting against all odds, but this time she is fighting a huge wave against politicians created by a business man who has promised to make America great again. She carry with the support of all the women around the world, 157 million of them will be voting on November 8. Whatever the result of this war maybe, one thing is for sure that this might be toughest and bloodiest battle she and her gender will ever fight.

The President of the United States is long considered the leader of the free world. A women holding this position will make sure that no one ever tell them what they can’t do, what they can do and what they should do. Will Hillary Clinton be able to break the glass? Only time will tell.