Since Israel’s creation, advocates for the Jewish state have worked to find creative ways to promote the benefits and highlight the most prominent features the country has to offer. It’s been called an archaeologist dream, being the seat of the beginning of humanity and the home of some of the earliest civilizations. Over the past several decades, the land has also become known to intellectuals, inventors and some of the world’s leading advances in technology, science and medicine.

Ancient Israeli Buildings

It is no wonder, that with all that Israel has to offer, one of the most popular ways to show off Israel and inspire support from places that may not otherwise be considered natural is to take celebrities of all kinds to Israel and promote those visits. Public Relations matters.

In 2004, Christopher Reeve took a well publicized tour of Israel stem cell and spinal cord research centers. The man known worldwide as Superman, the Man of Steel, suffered a tragic accident which rendered him a quadriplegic, and he devoted what was the remainder of his life in search of a cure for spinal injuries. In the era when then President George W. Bush stopped stem cell research in the United States, Reeve showed the world the tremendous advances made by Israel’s bio-medical researchers and facilities.

Sponsoring Stem Cell Research

Then there are the entertainers and sports stars. NBA Superstar, New York Knick Amar’e Stoudemire took a high-profile vacation last week to Israel, and stayed in Jerusalem with his kids. Surely he will share the beauty of the Holy Land with others he encounters. And who knows how many people International music star Alicia Keys will tell about her trip and the beauty of performing in Tel Aviv on July 4th?

When one well known figure brings another, the impact can literally be doubled. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach should be applauded for bringing TV personality and adviser to millions, Dr. Mehmet Oz, to Israel this week through Aug. 4. For this high-profile television show host and one of the world’s most famous doctors to visit Israel is a major victory, especially when we hear stories that some famous musicians have cancelled their visits because of pressure from Israel’s opponents.

Perhaps next will be Denise Richards who recently partnered with Israeli owned company Oro Gold Cosmetics.

Indeed, more effort should be made to have influencers, from agents to managers to publicists, encourage and arrange high profile-visitors to Israel. Everyone who has ever visited can attest to this undeniable fact; it is impossible to visit Israel and not be positively affected in a major way.

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