The festival of Purim begins on the evening of February 28, 2018. When the Megillah is read, notice that the name of Hashem is never mentioned. The strong foundation of faith, contained by all the Jews of Shushan (and throughout the Persian Empire at that time), testifies to the inner strength of the Jewish People. That foundation is built upon educational strength of our children who will carry out the traditions and teachings of our ancestors as they have done for countless generations.

At the end of Meseches Berachos daf 64a (translation from The William Davidson digital edition of the Koren Noe Talmud Bavli) we see this testimony:

It only appears that Hashem was hidden during the events described in the Megillah. But we should know that behind the Purim miracle (just like the Chanukah miracle), The G-d of our ancestors is there for us to help carry the burden. As the gemara says, let our children(banayich) become our builders (bonyaich) for b’nai Yisroel.

Chag Sameach Purim!