1. No, there is no direct threat of war there – yet. But we know from Gaza what will happen when war arrives.

Chezbollah installed 150,000 rockets inside the most southern villages of the Lebanon. Even inside built-up areas it was very precise where to install them. Rather next to a kindergarten than just some family’s home.

The question is not if Chezbollah will start shooting a 1000 of them per day at Israeli population centers and hospitals but only when. No one believes that these rockets are meant for defense. For the terrorists it would be such a waste of money and effort not to use them.

When the war starts, or just before it, Israel will have no choice, deserted by the world refusing to object against this violation by Chezbollah, but to deep-bomb these rockets out of existence.

It might not even have time to warn the local population. But even if it warned them, they won’t be able to leave. They will be kept there as “human shields” as every dead Lebanese will be a trophy for Chezbollah.

It is an understatement to say that the locals in South Lebanon are living on a powder keg that for sure will go off one day. Therefore we must tell them: Leave while it’s still quite, while you still can.

To leave everything and not even be considered a war refugee must be a very uncertain future. But while to stay may lead to certainty, if lack of uncertainty means definite death, that might not be such a good option.

NB: I have no inside information; I only convey what I hear on the news, from several sources.