Can We Really Trust Romney?

The visit of US presidential candidate Mitt Romney to Jerusalem, Israel, has evoked comments and opinions too numerous to list. No question that a visit on a Tisha B’Av, a fast day, was not a great idea. But after  complaining here about the security and delays when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held her press conference two weeks ago, well, I just had to go to the Romney press conference and compare.

"photo Sheldon Adelson"

Mayor Nir Barkat met Miriam and Sheldon Adelson at their car as they entered the Yemin Moshe neighborhood.

"photo Sheldon Adelson

Security barriers open quickly for billionaires,

"photo Jerusalem mayor"

Mayor Barkat followed the Adelsons,

"photo mayor Jerusalem"

but he was directed to the regular security line.

"image Mayor Nir Barkat"

Oops, guys there is a problem here,

"image Mayor Barkat"

please let me introduce you to the Mayor of Jerusalem.

"Mayor Jerusalem photo"

Oh, so he’s the mayor, then right this way please, around security.

"photo security"

In Jerusalem, it is not what you wear, but who you know that gets you in.

Yes, security was tight for the Romney press conference.

"photo Romney crowd"

The crowd was seated and waiting; many in the audience had been fasting for the last twenty four hours.

"photo Ann and Josh Romney"

Josh and Ann Romney came in to take their front row seats.

"Ann Romney in Jerusalem"

Mayor Barkat, the perfect host, greeted his guest.

"Romney in Jerusalem"

Mitt Romney entered with no musical accompaniment out of respect to the somber holiday.

"photo Mitt Romney"

Mitt Romney began his speech as announced at 7:00pm.

"photo Romney in Jerusalem

He said what the crowd wanted to hear about security and Jerusalem,

"photo Mitt Romney"

and to the relief of many, he also stopped at 7:25 pm as announced.

"photo Romney in Jerusalem"

A visit to Jerusalem on Tisha B’Av was not ideal, but at least the schedule was on time. Many people hung around to say a word or get a photo with Romney, before racing off to find a break-the-fast meal.

"photo security"

The mayor was a good sport to the very end. He also had to stay in the enclosed security area until the Romney’s vehicle pulled away to take them to the Netanyahu’s for dinner.

Romney’s team made some mistakes with this visit, but the real question is, “If elected can we trust that Romney will be able to follow through on his promises.”

The Old City Walls were an impressive backdrop, but has any politician really done what they promised before election?


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