“The quack, the charlatan, the jingo, and the terrorist can flourish only where the public is deprived of independent access to information. But where all news comes at second-hand, where all testimony is uncertain, men cease to respond to truths and respond simply to opinions. The environment in which they act is not realities themselves but the pseudo-environment of reports, rumors, and guesses. The whole reference of thought comes to be what somebody asserts and not what actually is.” Walter Lippman, Liberty and the News

As CEO of a NY PR firm, I wake up early and read the morning newspapers to prepare for the day ahead (Yes, there is someone who doesn’t read digitally) while in the gym early morning.  Today, while biking I almost threw up (and not from exercising.)  No less than three op-eds today in The New York Times excoriating Israel for not doing enough for peace (or attacking President Obama for pressuring Israel enough.)

When is the last time there has been 3 op-eds on any foreign relations issue? And three op-eds which oppose the government and policies of a foreign ally? Absurd.

Doesn’t the New York Times have bigger issues to write about, whether the recession we still suffer from, guns in schools, or (aghast) the dangers of drinking 20 ounces sodas? While The NYT asks “Is Any Hope Left for Mideast Peace?”, in the Israeli elections there was nary a mention of the peace process amongst the electorate.  Israeli domestic agendas dominate the political scene and it’s quite ok with the people of Israel.

The New York Times’ editorial page echoes Meretz’ party line and has zero understanding of political reality in the Middle East.  This continued media bias is harmful and simply unfair.  It’s poor reporting and presents the public with an inaccurate view of political reality.

Doesn’t The New York Times have something besides Israel to worry about? The Mayor of NYC is engaged in a fight to ban 20-ounce sodas and the dangers of sodas.  Let The New York Times pontificate on that and just leave Israel alone.

P.S. Thomas Friedman – On November 10, 2012, you let Israelis know that “My President Is Busy”, and let Israelis know that Obama has more important things to worry about than Israel. But you didn’t take long to come back to Israel, huh?

You ended your article asking Israel: “What is your long-term strategy? Do you even have one?”Let me answer by telling you Israel’s simple strategy: To Live.  The Jewish people simply wish to live and enjoy life. After all the Jewish suffering, don’t they deserve to live?