Just not those privates.

As I type this post in my gmail, I don’t really care if the NSA is reading it. I also don’t care if the NSA sees the forms I just emailed my boss. Or the LSATs my friend just forwarded to me. I don’t care if they saw my gchats of this morning, or the texts of last night. I don’t care if they see anything I deem “private.”

Privacy is an interesting concept. The modern world has become less secretive over the last decade due to the advent of social media. We’re constantly connected, albeit by choice of content, but we still keep less and less private. Information that used to be for just close close friends is now on display for the whole world. And no one seems to object to that.

Yes, I’ll admit, all that is posted on social media is usually something well thought out. It’s not everything and your underwear (unless it is). But what do you honestly email that you care that the NSA is going to see? Trust me, the NSA does not care that X is planning to divorce Y and that Z just got implants and that you want a nose job. They don’t care about the presentation you just sent to your coworker or that “I love you” email your boyfriend sent you to remind you he exists. They are looking for terrorists and to provide you with a safer commute, always. They are trying their very best. And if they get a few laughs out of my emails, so be it. I let Google do it all the time.