With so many American Jewish establishment organizations pushing for a 2-state solution and not being active and vocal supporters of Israel, one wonders how much the non-Orthodox amongst them will become even less relevant in the years to come as more American Jews continue to become less Jewish. For many years, I believe Christian Evangelical support for Israel has in many ways been more important than that of the American Jewish community. And indeed, in many ways they are stronger supporters of Israel than the establishment – and that is likely to continue to rise.

Consider The Global Survey of Evangelical Protestant Leaders which found that only 11% of Evangelical leaders sympathized with the Palestinians over the Israelis. One may shudder to think of what the response would be amongst the so-called American Jewish leadership to that question. That same survey found that 73% of the Evangelicals similarly believe that God’s covenant with the Jewish people continues today.
Similarly, a 2012 Pew Center survey found that 67% of white evangelical Protestants said they sympathized more with Israel than the Palestinians. The Christian Evangelicals represent a large population in this great Republic, travel to Israel, support Israel and are valiant supporters.

Let’s consider the playing field – Would one rather have The American Jewish Committee, Peter Beinart, Peace Now, ADL and the Jewish establishment, or Christians United for Israel, David Cerullo, Jay Sekulow, Pat Robertson and the like? The Jewish community must continue to grow close partnerships with the powerful Evangelical Christians who support Israel through times thick and thin.

Ronn Torossian wishes all readers of Times of Israel a Shana Tova.