The citizens of the Western world who think that the Israel-Hamas war is simply an equal battleground between two nations fighting for land are sorely mistaken. The reporters from international media outlets such as CNN who depict this conflict as a war between two morally equivalent state actors and who equate Hamas with Israel, suffer from a grave ignorance that must be repaired. If the world continues to naively believe that the defiance of Hamas against the state of Israel is merely a regional political statement, then they will be in shock and awe when the puppets of radical Islam come knocking at their doors demanding to usurp Western governments and declare war against their own democratic states. For these people’s sake, they must understand the roots beneath Hamas’ desire to destroy the state of Israel, and that this movement is a piece of a much greater puzzle that not only threatens the Middle-East, but the entire world today.

To legitimize or support Hamas is to legitimize or support terror. Hamas is not a militant faction, it is not a band of freedom fighters and it is not a moral, rational government body. It was not created out of a reaction to an Israeli blockade of Gaza’s borders. It was created out of the nihilistic intention of murdering Jewish people and spreading the rule of Shariah law across the world into the lands of other enemies. The overwhelming number of citizens of the Western world who legitimize the intent behind Hamas also legitimize the intent behind Islamic terror organizations such as Hezbollah, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda and people like Osama Bin Laden. Would they legitimize the actions these groups take against their political grievances such as female genital mutilation, hanging homosexuals and flying airplanes into the World Trade Center?

To legitimize Hamas is to legitimize an eternal struggle against the Western World and the idea that a person’s life is less important than waging a violent global Jihad. Those who tolerate Hamas are complacent in the goals of an ideology that seeks to pervert the societies which host it, and turn the world into a monolithic theocracy which admires death, torture, rape and bloodshed. To refrain from condemning Hamas is to denounce education, and to reject gender equality.

The citizens of the Western world who don’t take Hamas seriously must really not appreciate the countries they live in – the states that protect their lives through justice systems and provide them with the comforts of freedom and liberty. They must not care about values such as freedom of speech and democracy, the values that tie them to Israel, the only nation in the Middle-East that they actually have anything in common with. To recognize Hamas as legitimate leaders of the Palestinian people is to deny the importance of Israelis and Arabs living together in harmony.

Those who condone Hamas are against the creation of a Palestinian state. They deny the reality that peace and coexistence with Israel is the only way for a Palestinian nation to thrive, and that this cannot be achieved without the dissolution of Hamas. Those who really think that Hamas is fighting for their people live under the false illusion that Hamas cares more about the Palestinian struggle than the destruction of the Jews. It is preposterous that people truly believe that Hamas can be trusted to abide by a ceasefire agreement and have the intentions to honour diplomacy on the same level as the state of Israel can. To publicly decree such a ceasefire is not only the gravest of insults against Israel, but it undermines the intent of Israel in this conflict, which is to disarm Hamas and protect its own people.

Hamas hates Jews.  Anyone who is denial that Hamas intrinsically and unabashedly hates Jews is delusional. They pretend that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, but to seek to destroy the land on which a people lives is more than a political stance- it is a death wish. Those who sit idly and watch Hamas break ceasefires over and over, still expecting Israel to abide must not care that the call for a second Holocaust has been made.Do they want to see another 6 million Jews  annihilated, this time not by gas chambers and rifles, but by rockets and tunnels? The people who say that Gaza should  receive more American money or an iron dome of their own must strive for a Middle-East where the only remnants of the Jewish people are sunken into the Mediterranean Sea.

Those who only blame Israel for this war, disregard the fundamental value of the lives of innocent women and children. They blame the side that seeks to protect their own, and excuse Hamas, which would rather see the corpses of Gazan civilians littered on television screens to win a PR war than see them alive in a functioning society that protects them from harm and provides for their basic needs.

The international ignorance enablers who point fingers at Israel for bombing civilians that Hamas has thrown in front of them, or claim that Hamas terror is rooted in the Israeli occupation are only joking themselves. They only need to go into the streets of New York, Paris and Berlin and notice that the radical Islam of the Middle-East is not such a distant threat, and when they hear protesters yelling ‘Alahu Akhbar’ and calling for their death, maybe only then they will really see what is already starting to happen. Hamas is a branch of a global network of ruthless terror that has the inherent desire to mercilessly kill anyone in Israel and in the rest of world for being an infidel, an intellect, a woman or a citizen of the Western world.

It’s time for these nonchalant equivocators to stop fooling themselves and realize that they are the victims too. First they will come for the Jews, and if they succeed… next they will come for you.