Away from the media’s glare, Israelis have babies, go to work, and continue on with their lives.  A natural continuation of life is that new homes are required.  Is that headline news or worthy of being condemned?

One wonders in an era where there are “peace” talks why headlines are required for the fact that Israel’s Housing Ministry approved 1,187 new housing units. If indeed there’s peace, wouldn’t Jews and Arabs co-exist? If Arabs live on both sides of the green line, wouldn’t utopian peace governed by America have Jews allowed to live as well on both sides?

If indeed there is world outrage, should not outrage be an end to Arab law which says Arabs should be killed if they sell land to Jews?  No one is being kicked out of their homes – and indeed Jews are the indigenous people in the Middle East. As Israel’s Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel said: “No country in the world accepts dictates from other countries on where it is allowed to build or not. We shall continue to market apartments and build throughout the country.”

Construction all over Israel is the right of The State of Israel – and the virtue of Israel’s natural and historic rights.

Ronn Torossian is an author and entrepreneur.