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May 22 2016 ended the series of concerts and lectures at the Naples Jewish Community organized and prepared by  adviser Mr. Moses Ciro D’Avino  and the President Lydia Schapirer. The events, which began in January 2016, have seen  the singer Raiz, the Duo classical music with violinist and pianist Yael Amato Patrizia Paolillo who performed songs by F. Mendelsohnn, and E. Bloch, the young soloists of the Liceo Musicale Margherita of Savoy and the Martucci Conservatory of Salerno Alessandro Yosef Parfitt cello, Emanuele Marigliano and Nicolaj Piedmont piano, Federico Maddaluno mandolin on the occasion of the 50 families visiting from Israel, an event orchestrated with the collaboration and presence of the Chief Rabbi Rav Umberto Piperno.

The final event of the season was organized in collaboration with the association “Friends of the City of Science”, represented by the President Ferruccio Diozzi and the Secretary Laura Franchini, and enjoyed  an extraordinary presence of the public,  who welcomed with great interest the Conference of  “The Kabbalah of the Voice – ” presented by world renowned Israeli Vocal Pedagogue and Author Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman and Ensemble  Amati .

This orchestra and ‘the utimate ”fruit’ in the training of the Sirenide Project for Muse quality developed since 2009. The project,headed by Yael Amato and by the Friends of Citta ‘della Scienza, has seen several performances targeting the research on combining music and science in large and small projects.The nsemble  has exhibited itself many times in collaboration with local institutions such as the  Municipality V ‘Vomero Arenella, on the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day, or in Science City, on occasion with Mayor Luigi De Magistris.

In  the May concert, the Amati Ensemble performed traditional Jewish melodies, songs of classical authors such as Bach and Mozart and pieces by modern authors such as G. Gershwin.

The masterful speech by Israeli Author and Vocal Pedagogue  Miriam Jaskerowicz Arman and the presence at the concert of the Camerini-Gross family, who donated the important Bechstein grand piano, underlining and demonstrating the parallel importance of music in Communities and cultural values ​​not yet fully explored of the most diverse musical cultures.