On Thursday, November 12th, Congressman Bob Dold came to Deerfield High School to address the club Deerfield Students For Israel. DSFI informs students about current events around the globe, the history of Israeli culture and politics, and also ways to advocate for Israel on college campuses. The ultimate mission of Deerfield Students For Israel is to equip students with the knowledge and tools they need to be effective advocates for Israel throughout their entire lives. For example, they learned about the Boycott, Divest, Sanction Movement, the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, Iran, and the security situation in Israel.

In a room packed with one-hundred students, Congressman Dold opened by explaining the importance of youth involvement in society. He spoke about how the high school years are an important time to discover what you are passionate about, and how vital it is that you act upon those passions. He related this to Israel by saying that high school is the ideal time to educate oneself about the issues relating to Israel, and to prepare for the anti-Israel climate on college campuses.

Congressman Dold further discussed the political landscape of the Middle East, and the importance of a strong U.S-Israel partnership from a military, economic, and social point-of-view. He highlighted the significance of the Iron Dome Missile Defense System and the ways in which the United States and Israel will continuously work together to fight terrorism throughout the world. “The relationship with Israel is a two way street. They benefit as much as we benefit,” said Congressman Dold, when talking about the economic cooperation between the two countries.


From left: Ben Gerstein, Principal Dignam, and Yaffa Berman listen as Congressman Robert Dold addresses the club.

After addressing these topics, the students had the opportunity to ask the Congressman questions about his experience in Washington D.C, his foreign policy, and the specific ways in which he has advocated for Israel on the House floor. Congressman Dold is a strong supporter of Israel and cosponsored H.R 485 which calls upon Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to cease inciting terror. One student asked how the Iran Deal will affect Israel, and if Prime Minister Netanyahu is right to be continuously speaking out about the deal. “Israel has the absolute right to assess what is best for their security. When I visited Israel, every single person I spoke to was worried about this agreement,” said Congressman Dold. “This speaks volumes about the Iran Deal’s effect on Israel and the safety of her people.”

Congressman Dold listening to a student ask a question about the Middle East.

Congressman Dold listening to a student ask a question about the Middle East.

Deerfield Students For Israel members were fortunate to have received the opportunity to hear Congressman Dold and learn more about the political side of Israel advocacy. The Deerfield High School student body, along with Deerfield Students For Israel, are grateful for this experience.