One of the worst attacks made by leftists against conservatives in general is that they are all racists, and that they are only interested in asserting and preserving the dominance of white men. As a generalization, this is nothing short of libel; there is nothing inherent in modern conservative thought or conservatives’ attitudes as a whole which is aimed at such nefarious ends. Moreover, as I pointed out in a previous post on the subject, many of the cultural and political ideas promoted by conservatives tend to help disadvantaged minorities the most.

However, there are a number of attitudes and approaches which do affect at least some conservatives and which are extremely problematic. Even when not intended as such – and sometimes they are – they are effectively hateful and derogatory, driving away many members of minorities who might  otherwise be interested in what conservatives have to say.

What I am about to describe below is not in order to play the moral grandstander or scold. Precisely because I think conservatives can contribute so much to all of humankind, I think we need to be aware of the genuine problems in our midst – not to appease liberals but for our own internal good. The goal is to help fix the problem, not sneer at people or “just win votes”.

Anti-PC Backlash

Political Correctness is a classic example of good intentions leading to horrible results. Rather than increase tolerance, it is a phenomenon of witch-hunting, defamation and silencing. Rather than eliminate hate and scorn, it simply redirects it towards the “privileged” – especially and sometimes even exclusively whites and white men. People who don’t believe me are invited to replace PC statements about “white” people with “Black”, “Jew” or “Asian” to understand the problem.

Most whites react to this stuff with indignation, either denying the charge, lampooning the absurdity of PC gone wild, or simply resigning themselves to the new reality and keeping their heads down. But I’ve seen many on the net, both anonymously and publicly, who decide that if society says they’re hateful bigots, then they’ll be hateful bigots. Seek these comments and ye shall find.

Another aspect of political correctness is hiding or silencing discussion on general statistics or cultural tendencies of some minorities. The idea is that if uncomfortable facts about minorities are not talked about they’ll go away. Conversely, if they are talked about, then the hate PC tries so hard to drive underground will burst forth in a flood. In reality, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Take the issue of ‘black-on-black crime’, or more precisely the disproportionate amount of crime in many Black communities. If we all talked about this in the open, we could in theory have a rational, compassionate and meaningful discussion on the issue and how to fight it. Instead, many – by no means all, but enough – anti-PCers take this ‘hidden’ information out when having a debate on race, taking it as gospel as ‘proof’ of the perfidy of the Black minority or a large part thereof and therefore shutting down all debate as effectively as the “privilege” nutters. The same goes for other minorities.


But perhaps the most perfidious and dangerous strain of conservative attitudes is what I call the Darwinist temptation. This is the tendency to see human society itself as nothing more than another group of animals driven solely by selfish needs, without moral agency or value. It’s the kind of thinking that drives the progressive eugenics movement of aborting the “unfit” or killing off old people through death panels.

The conservative Darwinism comes in a different form: apathy if not contempt for people on the bottom rungs, especially minorities. I still remember commenting on an article on ending the War on Drugs, asking how do we help such people without government? One person responded that as far as they’re concerned it’s “just natural selection” and that they can just drop dead. This complete lack of empathy shocked me, and I see it far too often among conservatives when discussing minorities who haven’t yet made it or are struggling.

Indeed, you can often see a sort of idea that maybe Blacks are “genetically incapable” of making their own way because of ostensible differences in ability or intelligence. Anyone who’s seen the terms HBD (= human biodiversity), “race realism” and the like knows what I mean. As someone whose people ostensibly have disproportionately high IQs but who were condemned to die in gas chambers because we were  considered “biological parasites” or a “disease” based on pseudo-Darwinistic logic, this kind of thinking really rubs me the wrong way.

Even those who don’t subscribe to eliminating human moral equality in the name of genetic differences real or imagined will often still be effectively Darwinistic when they say “it’s all his/her fault”. As a kind of counter to PC culture which denies that people without privilege have any moral responsibility for their actions, many conservatives will insist that individuals bear all responsibility.

In and of itself, I agree that individuals are morally responsible for their actions; it would make no sense to have a justice system otherwise. But too many conservatives stop there, not stopping to think – well, how can we encourage people who make bad decisions to make good ones? What incentives are we giving your average inner-city kid to stay out of trouble other than scolding or contempt? This sort of “it’s your problem, and I’m not going to try and help” may not always be meant as racist, but it certainly sends the message that we don’t give a sh*t about minorities who are in trouble, forgive my French.

What to do?

I hear you now: so, what do you suggest, smart guy?

When it comes to PC, it’s easy: ignore them entirely. Bullies only have power when you give it to them, and PCers are just that – ideological bullies. The only time anyone should waste time refuting accusations of racism is to convince minorities themselves; the ideologues are a lost cause.

As for neo-Darwinism, let me say this: we are not animals, driven solely by instinct and self-interest. We are human beings, capable of moral choice and direction, even against our “evolutionary” desires. Whether we let people die in a ditch or give them a hand is a choice, not fate.

Furthermore, moral human equality – the very foundation of the modern west – is axiomatic. It is not open to debate. It does not matter what race we’re from, what our IQ is, what personality we have or what-have-you. No-one’s blood is redder than the other. When we reduce people to biological machines or how “useful” they are, we begin going down a very dangerous road, which we have spent many wars trying to prevent.

If conservatives truly want to prove that they are in favor of all humanity, they must repair their own house – not for the sake of white liberals, but for themselves, and the “non-privileged” who could greatly benefit from hearing what they have to say.