In the category of not-serious – but will leave you laughing…or scratching your head, watch this advertisement from Daniel Muessig, a Pittsburgh criminal lawyer:

Yes, the man who says “I may have a law degree, but I think like a criminal” is a real lawyer. In a subsequent interview, he defends the spot, and says ‘It’s a send-up of the cartoonishly amoral Jewish criminal defense attorney.” Rewatch the ad – and you will see there are dreidels on his desk throughout it. And of course, at the end, he says “Did I mention I am Jewish.”  For, of course, criminals need to have Jewish lawyers.

Slate magazine described it as “the most honest advertisement for legal services that the Internet has ever seen.” Having represented countless criminal defense attorneys at my PR firm, I can advise that very few of them are conventional. They are indeed characters – but none would sanction an ad like this.

It was funny – and will get him some business.