I am one of the last people on this Earth that would leap to defend David Cameron; I do not agree with most of his policies or most his politics. But when a rabidly anti-Israeli Briton decides to attack David Cameron for supporting Israel against terrorism, I think Mr. Cameron deserves some defence.

Nobody would expect that someone who writes columns on the Palestinian Territories for al-Arabiya, the English-language Saudi News, and also wrote a book called “Radio Free Palestine, which tells the plight of Palestinians under ocupation” would give a rational argument for David Cameron being a friend of “Israeli thugs” (Israeli thugs assumedly means “Israeli Jews”) but the article by Stuart Littlewood has crossed a line of lunacy that does not deserve to be read, but certainly deserves to be addressed.

The article starts immediately with commending the ‘Palestinian Embassy’ in the United Kingdom, saying:

“the Palestinian embassy, for once, has done something useful and released figures that paint a shoking picture of Israel’s mega-crimes against their helpless Palestinian neighbours over the past year”.

The Palestinian embassy did something useful for once? What did I miss? Did it accept a Jewish state? No, it further incited against Israel and painted a picture of Israel’s mega-crimes. I wonder if they painted it on the ‘Bethlehem Unwrapped’ wall outside St. James’ Church in London. In any case, Mega makes everything sound big, and when you juxtapose that with “helpless Palestinian neighbours” it sounds even more depressing. Those meanie Joos. (I’ll address this point further later on in the article…)

Stuart then endeavours to give us all a little history lesson, following up with:

“Of course, these statistics for 2013 barely scratch the surface. The stomach-churning story of the rogue regime’s inhuman conduct stretches back to World War II, before its founding, when Jewish terrorists were attacking and murdering British soldiers of the mandated government right up to their departure in 1948.”

Of course these statistics for 2013 scratch the surface, with those Jewish terrorists and what not. There is, as is ever the case with articles mentioning historical ‘Jewish terrorism’, a bizzare absence of mentioning Muslim terrorists or Islamically-inspired terrorism or any of the many massacres perpetrated ‘inhumanly’ by Muslims against Jews (as well as, even more often, innocent Muslims) which would, bursting Stuart’s bubble, flip the death toll dramatically backwards in both Israel and the entire region.

“Their program of ethnic cleansing and land theft continues to this day and has even accelerated during so-called negotiations, making crystal clear Israel’s contempt for peace.”

Ethnic cleansing, land theft, but wait- you forgot to add global warming, the pending extinction of the snow leopard, the fact that eggnog is not sold the whole year round, and the Peloponnesian Wars, Stewie! I don’t think a direct response to this is really necessary, because the level of bullcrap is rather self-evident.

But wait! The lunatic stratosphere is really entered with:

“To achieve this they resort to every foul murder, every mean theft and every barefaced lie; and they get away with it thanks to the international community’s dereliction of its solemn duty to bring Israel to account.”

I told you already about those mean Jews with their mean thefts! But if you look at the death tolls in the conflict (the ones provided by the Palestinian Authority, no less), 56 people have been killed by the Israel Defence Forces in all of 2013. That’s including the killing of terrorists and armed assailants, bringing the number much lower in terms of civilian casualties which are actually a tragic yet inevitable consequence of every and any conflict in history. Meanwhile in the UK, there were 290 gun murders in 2013. In a year of conflict, Israel has managed to get a fifth of the toll for gun murders in a country where guns are illegal.

And it gets better.

Israel’s thugs, apart from being the darlings of the U.S. Congress, are particular friends of our prime minister, David Cameron. According to the Jewish Chronicle, Cameron recently told Jewish leaders…”

Israel’s thugs? Or does Littlewood mean Israel, Israelis or the leaders of the UK’s Jewish community? Note how there is no mention of the Israeli leadership…

Cameron’s speech that Littlewood refers to immediately followed:

“I am with you and with the Israeli people, genuinely. As far as I’m concerned, an enemy of Israel is an enemy of mine. A threat to Israel is a threat to us all. I can promise you this: Britain will stand with Israel, Britain will support Israel, Britain will keep the pressure up on Iran. We do not want you to have a nuclear-armed near-neighbor, a nuclear threat facing your country… We share that feeling and show you our solidarity.”

You can tell that a tidal-wave of rage is a-brewing…

Littlewood enjoys his prolonged rage-gasm, replying with:

“Who on earth was he speaking for? Certainly not for me, nor for anyone I know. And why has he got it in for Iran, which has no nuclear weapons and poses no threat to the UK? Why isn’t he anxious for our Iranian friends who face the threat of a nuclear-armed, power-freakin’ Israel, with its 400 warheads?”

Littlewood obviously doesn’t know that many British people considering that 85% of British people have a negative view of Iran. Littlewood obviously does not remember either that the British embassy in Tehran was stormed and ransacked in 2011, with the perpetrators of this supported and praised by the incumbent Iranian regime. He does not understand that the strategic threat that Iran frequently makes, the threat to block of the Straits of Hormuz, would pose to the world. He does not understand that Iran funds terrorism globally, including terrorism in Afghanistan that kills and maims British soldiers. Not to mention the funding and arming of the Syrian regime, prolonging and extending the vicious conflict in Syria. Iran is not a friend. Irna has been an enemy of Britain for 34 years- dating that from the time that Iranian terrorists took over the embassy building of Iran in London, resulting in bloodshed and death. So much for our ‘Iranian friends’. And hey- what does “power-freakin” even mean?

Let the lunacy continue.

“Israel’s enemies include Iran and Syria, and anyone else who stands in the way of Zionist ambitions for a Greater Israel dominating the Middle East. They aren’t Britain’s enemies by any stretch of a sane imagination.”

Iran and Syria are not enemies of Britain? Zionist ambitions for a Greater Israel dominating the Middle East? Someone has been drinking milk from the nipple of Zionist conspiracies, and is an Assad fanboy…

“Cameron, only a few weeks ago, wanted clearance to bomb Syria. Where is his mandate for such objectionable policies? Has he ever consulted the British people on this pledge of servitude to the criminal Zionists?”

Suckety-suck-suck, keep drinking that nasty Zionist conspiracy milk. He wanted to bomb Syria, where is his mandate? Oh, I don’t know Stu, do you not object to the use of Chemical Weapons and a dictator bombing his own people? And his mandate as Prime Minister was established by a functional parliamentary democracy, unlike the one they lack in your much beloved Syria. And ‘pledge of servitude to the criminal Zionists’? Yes, when Bibi and David Cameron meet, Bibi commands him to give him a nice foot massage. Speaking of ‘servitude to the criminal Zionists’, if you replace ‘Zionists’ with ‘Jews’ it looks like a Jewish conspiracy article. Even on al-Arabiya, the official Saudi English-language media outlet, there aren’t any likes, tweets or shares of the article because it’s that absurd. Thank G-d for that.

I sigh again.

“Cameron has declared himself a Zionist and that, it seems, is enough in his tiny mind to make the whole UK pro-Zionist.

Pro-Zionist means ‘pro-Jews having their own country in Israel’ and unfortunately for him, the entire Western world stands in favour of that. Unless you happen to vote for the white supremacist BNP, every British political leader also supports such a right to exist.

And then, Stuart shows the world how much he hates people who speak out against terrorism.

By 2012 he was still talking bollox. Here are some of the things he said in a speech to a Conservative Friends of Israel lunch.

•“And I have made something else clear that needs to be made clear to the Palestinians. Britain will never tolerate the obscenity of a football tournament named after a suicide bomber who killed 20 Israelis in a restaurant. We will not tolerate incitement to terrorism.

Cameron is clearly a danger to himself and our country. Worse, he will be seeking re-election in 2015. Activists for justice would do well to include him and his fellow friends of Israel at the top of their electoral boycott list.

Dammit, Stu, you’re right! David Cameron is clearly a danger to himself and the United Kingdom because “Britain will never tolerate the obscenity of a football tournament named after a suicide bomber who killed 20 Israelis in a restaurant. We will not tolerate incitement to terrorism”. Shame David Cameron sold our aircraft carrier, because he could have given that to Hamas to win Stuart’s valuable vote.

I love my country with all my heart, and I find it personally to be an embarassment when this kind of view- this kind of twisted, delusional view- somehow seeps into the general conscience of my countrymen and countrywomen. When the audacity and hypocrisy of the most virulent anti-Zionists is exposed through their common ground with regimes such as Iran, and when they protest against the detention of terrorists and murderers yet support the Syrian regime that gassed 10 times more people in one day than the ‘dreaded Zionists’ have killed in the last half-decade. This hypocrisy has permeated many minds in the UK, and I am very glad- despite my political clashes in many other spheres with the Prime Minister- that it has not affected David Cameron.