As we reflect on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the motto “Never again” keeps flashing in my mind. Just two weeks ago, The Washington Post January 16, 2015 front-page cover story “The question for French Jews: Stay or go” appeared after four Jewish men were murdered in France for the sole reason that they were Jewish.

My question for France and the rest of Europe: how could you let this happen again? Why can’t you protect your Jews? And to America, how can you once again become so apathetic that your newspaper on record in the nation’s capital callously reports a “Sophie’s Choice” type question for Jews to ponder. Where are the front-page articles lambasting Europe for once again not being able to protect its Jewish population? Where is the protest? The Holocaust was buried by newspapers like The Washington Post – the current indifference is equally staggering. Has the world learned nothing? And if the United States and Europe don’t care about the Jews, they should remember that though the horrors of World War II started with the Jews, it certainly didn’t end with them.