[Note: this is not an actual IDF letter. We would not have to point it out if you guys had an actual sense of humor]

The IDF would like to thank human rights organizations for pointing out the very obvious: civilians die in wartime, and even more civilians die when used as human shields by terrorists and not allowed a “safe zone” or an “evacuation zone” which no combatants may use (even the Japanese in WWII allowed for that).

However, we object to some of the terms being bandied around by human rights activists.

“Carpet Bombing”

Carpet bombing refers to a specific tactic used in WWII and beyond. It refers to the use of massive bombing raids with the explicit goal of causing as much physical destruction and civilian casualties as possible. Every time this was used, deaths ran between the thousands and the tens of thousands within a day or two. We assure you that if we were carpet bombing Gaza, the result would be much the same.


Nothing would be easier for us than to cut off electricity and water to Gaza, pound the place to rubble with artillery and bombs, and maybe even through in a nuke or two (we have plenty to spare). If our intention was to wipe out the population of Gaza, I assure you it would be very easy to pull off. Please stop making these silly accusations.

“Starving to Death”

Once again, we refer you to history, specifically the Siege of Leningrad, where such an attempt was made and nearly succeeded. As mentioned before, nothing would be easier than cutting Gaza off from the world and letting it starve if we really were so heartless. We certainly would not allow tens of thousands of tons of supplies through to the Strip if that were our intention.

We suggest spend some time to study the history of warfare before you embarrass yourself further.

Yours Truly,