Dear Mr. Trump,

I wanted to write this letter to you in 2006 during your ongoing feud with Rosie O’Donnell when you hurled insults at her such as “fat, ugly face”, “slob” and “disgusting”. Even as a 14-year-old, I knew your over-the-top behavior was uncalled for.

I wanted to write this to you eight years ago when I told my friends that I could not bear to watch The Apprentice, because, “Something about him makes me feel uncomfortable.”

I wanted to write this to you in August 2015 when Megyn Kelly asked you why you have called several women, “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals” and you later told a CNN anchor she asked you “ridiculous questions” because Kelly had “blood coming out of her whatever.”

(PS: it’s called a period. Someone who speaks so freely about the female anatomy should at least know the proper terminology.)

I have wanted to write this over the past few months as you have increasingly been brought to the spotlight both in the political and social realm and old interviews, as well as some of your skeletons, have been highlighted. Let’s put your rather tarnished “family man” appearance to the side, and focus on your interactions with others.

Do you remember when you, Mr. I Truly Hope I Will Never Call You President, called women “a piece of ass” (which you later allowed Howard Stern to address your daughter by that crude term).

When you had numerous accusations made against you and your misogynistic acts as co-owner of the Miss USA pageant.

When you had the audacity to say equal pay will come when women do “as good of a job”.

When your campaign escorted a Muslim female from one of your rallies in South Carolina. Muslim women, the greatest threat to the America, right? In your words, “wrong, wrong, WRONG.”

When the producer of The Apprentice Katherine Walker said you rated the female contestants on your show and proudly announced which ones you would “f***”.

When you publicly shamed a woman by calling her “disgusting” for breastfeeding. Because of course, breasts belong only to you.

And unfortunately the list continues… And yes, while reading or hearing about all those past events I wanted to write this letter.

I wanted to write this letter for a while, but I didn’t. Perhaps because I’ve gotten attuned to the unfortunate fact that a sexist, xenophobic, racist, narcissistic, arrogant bully is running as the Republican candidate for a country I thought stood for everything but the words I just listed. And there is nothing I can do to stop the nightmare.

However then Friday happened.

When The Washington Post released your conversation, or rather your endorsement of rape culture, with Billy Bush from 2005, I was appalled, disgusted and sickened. And suddenly I knew I had to write this letter.

As an American, as a woman and frankly just as a living and breathing human being I could not believe that the man in which millions of people continue to stand by, ever even uttered, let alone unabashedly boasted about your history of sexual harassment and vulgar profanity.

Okay, I know you will say it was 11 years ago and both you and Bush have confessed and apologized (can we hashtag your apology #FirstApologyEver ?), and if I were to play devil’s advocate I would say you are right and move on.

But I am not moving on. Because you are not right. Because you are a predator. Because discussing rape culture is not something you simply push away. And because quite simply, you are deplorable in every sense of the word.

You both claim that you have “grown” since the conversation. But, do two men who converse about trying to “f*ck” women regardless of their marital status let alone their consent while grotesquely laughing, ever grow up?

Perhaps the most grown up comment you made during your conversation in 2005 was finally admitting to something, “I moved on her and I failed”. Wow Donald Trump owning up to failing- I never thought I would see the day.

Or maybe your decency when you popped a TicTac “just in case I start kissing her… Just kiss. I don’t even wait,” because I am sure as you know every woman would prefer her rapist’s breath to smell good. Such a gentleman.

I’ll be honest, the release of this recording did not shock me, because in your world, as you have proven time and time again, women are objects. When you want a woman you just simply, “grab them by the p****. You can do anything.”

In your alternate world “locker room banter” is actually lewd and repulsive objectification and words condoning rape- a culture that thus far has claimed one in five American women.

In your alternate world a “star” is a person who can, without any explanation “move on her like a b****” purely because he has reached a certain celebrity status. Well in that case I will stay far away from Hollywood.

In your alternate world, women are defined by the length of their legs, the size of their bust and the a “nice piece of ass” as opposed to the contents of their being, their intellect, their love and their self- worth.

In your alternate world, saying this conversation took place 11 years ago is a justification, but for far too many women this disgusting conversation is an everyday reality which leads to rape which leads to a woman permanently donning emotional and mental scars while her rapist wanders freely leaving her to feel guilty.

And the saddest part is I know you are sitting there and denying everything I just wrote. I can hear you shouting “wrong, wrong, wrong”. But this time Sean Hannity can’t save you.

How can you focus on “important issues” like you mentioned in your apology, when the biggest issue that you face is the issue that no, no, you can not grope half the population.

Because, Mr. Please God Please Don’t Make This Man President, that is what we call “sexual assault”. Welcome to “How To Be A Human 101”.

I know that may be a tough pill for you to swallow, but considering you are still reading I will just say the next fun fact: Human rights are women’s rights. And if you are a worthy and upright man, women are not a “distraction”, a word you used to describe this leak thereby using it to describe women.

So please don’t start telling me about your policies and opinions on the economy or ISIS when you fail to understand an extremely elementary fact.

I was never going to vote for you as an Jewish American woman, as I feel as though the platform you stand on and the rhetoric you use pervades American air on many levels.

However, I now ask myself how can anyone vote for you?

How can any woman who respects herself and our progressive strides for equality belittle herself and bring us back to days when “women” correlated to “object” by voting for you, a chauvinistic megalomaniac? How can a woman who believes in women’s rights, free choice, equal pay for equal work stand by you? How can a woman who is educating her daughters to love themselves regardless of the size of their waist and teaching her sons that women are so much more than their bodies, vote for you?

How can any man with a mother, wife, sister, daughter… actually any man who respects the pioneering advancements, opinions and frankly the sole existence of his female counterpart think about pushing the button with your scuzzy name? It is incomprehensible to me!

So please Mr. Just Step Down Now Before Your Second Train-Wreck AKA Today’s Debate, my only suggestion to you at this point is to disappear in your little Trump Tower castle.

Disappear bigly.

Because no, a non-convicted sex offender will NOT make America great again. Nor will you make America good again. Or mediocre again. You will actually kill her. Something you have slowly been doing to the infrastructure of American society for months now.

PS: Let me know if you would like to receive my letters addressing your racist and xenophobic comments, views and ambiguous policies too. Would be glad to send that your way.