Academics may be satisfied with cataloguing doomsday scripts. But why not try to inspire resistance and activism? Here are some pieces of advice:

No Weapons for Fascists

Everyone in the US who gets caught being a fascist, White-supremacist, Neo-Nazi or Alt-Righter should be barred from holding firearms, just like anyone else on a list of (suspected) terrorists.

No Over-Simplified Trashing of Fascists

When we would trash anyone who could be fascist, many people simply irritated with political correctness would self-identify as Nazis.

We all have anti-Semitic and racist ideas planted in our brains, and that does not make any of us bad people. Fascists need to be denounced for elevating such sentiments to ideals. We oppose people who glorify hatred — not people who are not complete saints — none of us is.

If you’re annoyed that you can speak your mind about Jews and Blacks — that is understandable. We all need ways to deal with how to be honest and supportive allies to Jews and Blacks. That doesn’t make us Nazis.

Nazis are people who simplify the internal struggle of dealing with Blacks and Jews to: just hate them and be proud of it. You deserve to be proud.

The latter is true: everyone deserves to feel proud. But real pride is never at the expense of others, never doing what is shameful!

So, let us fight fascism with nuance; alienate bigoted minds from the core fascists, and not from us. Make clear how fascists are the enemies of everyone. And how they are not the new underdog.

Claiming that President Trump is a bigot is an exaggeration and would backfire. Others with oppressive sentiments and not too much insight in oppression would then start mistakenly labeling themselves as far-Right.

No one should call themselves Nazi and the like, because that would legitimize their hatred.

Learn to Become an Ally

At first, US President Trump showed that he doesn’t understand how to stand up against fascism and especially the Alt-Right. Two days later he read a script pretending to have any clue about this, but that still omitted the Alt-Right from the list of bad people. The next day, he spoke from his heart again, proving that he lied political correctness the day before without believing it. Lying is wrong. Prejudices are always false. If one lies the truth, is that lying or speaking the truth? It’s lying.

Late during his election campaign, Mr. Trump went to a Black Church and read many pro-religious and pro-Black statements from paper. He tried not missing a letter from the script, as if clueless about what he should say. No doubt, he was. My toes cringed in vicarious shame.

But how is this different from a White person being raised in racist culture trying not to say something racist, trying to improve?

  • First of all: all Whites trying not to sound racist and all Gentiles trying not to look anti-Semitic: forget it, relax! The bigoted conditioning is all over you and it’s going to be for decades. Try not to talk or act like a bigot, but don’t claim 100% success.
  • Do it for you: bettering your life, standing for what you believe in, and not to save those “poor” Blacks / Jews. Pity is not the way.
  • Try to become proud enough of the good in your own heritage.
  • Break the isolation: make Black / Jewish friends and stick with them.
  • Shut up, smile, ask and listen. Don’t argue. Don’t teach them.
  • Try to be respectful, considerate.
  • Don’t decide for the other; ask: what would you think/like?
  • Laugh about it. Really, do. (And laugh about anything scary.)
  • Admit your mistakes without drama. Ask what hurt you caused.
  • Join a regular support group for Whites / Gentiles. Cry there. It helps to cry about our failures and to set small positive goals.
  • Notice how racism / anti-Semitism has cut us off from everyone. Connect to fellow Whites / Gentiles. Try to become as close to Whites / Gentiles as Blacks / Jews are typically with Blacks / Jews.
  • Try to get information from other allies who got it, who listened.
  • Try to be a great ally; but don’t claim/pretend to be a great ally.

US racists have now reminded us that Blacks and Jews are in the same boat. That’s good.