This morning I got a ride to the printing press in a hot Mercedes-Benz sports car. I went to pick up 600 of the Smile cards attached to this post. We arranged for 30 Jewish kids from Ramat Beit Shemesh to hand out these cards, each with a cup of fresh mineral water, to all hot thirsty humans in the Old City of Jerusalem. I met up with world class cinematographer Asher Kaplan, to film the ‘Smile card water handout’ and proceeded to Jaffa gate. It was there we saw a group of Muslim children chanting Tagbir (arise) and Allu Akbar.

Asher pointed out to me that the man leading these children was none other that the infamous anti-Semitic imam who indoctrinates martyrdom and 72 Virgins into these and many other previously innocent children. Ironically, when I took out my iPhone 5 to video the chanting, the indoctrinated children violently sprayed me and my phone with fresh mineral water, that could have been handed out with Smile cards to hot thirsty humans in the Old City of Jerusalem. Divinely Ironic.