by Albert Russo

When Palestinians

kidnap and kill Israeli teenagers

they sing, dance and rejoice

and call the murderers heroes

When Israelis

kill young Palestinians

the nation feels guilty, not proud

and the perpetrators

have to pay for their crimes

Remember 9/11 in Manhattan?

the Arab street screamed with glee

Oh to kill 3000 people in the heart of America!

Did it matter that all religions were represented?

What a fantastic feat did those 

Western-educated Saudis accomplish!

When Israel wiped out

all the Jewish colonies in Gaza

instead of a gesture of reconciliation

the response was rockets, thousands of them,

launched in southern Israel,

and that has been going on for twelve years,

aiming at one million Israeli civilians

day in and day out, traumatising the population

What other country in this world

welcomes in its hospitals, free of charge

civilian enemies with serious health problems

those include Palestinian babies

from Gaza and the West Bank, 

Syrian soldiers badly wounded,

Syria being an awoved enemy of Israel,

as well as patients from all the other 

Arab countries who still have not recognized



On the 15th of July Israel accepted a truce

but the Hamas refused it 

and continued for six hours

to launch rockets towards Israel

aiming this time at 3,5 millions civilians,

including Tel Avivians and Jerusalemites,

thanks to their former Iranian allies

So, who wants to continue the war

and cares so little about its population?  

When Pope Francis prayed at the Security fence

did he know that thanks to it, 

terrorism had almost disappeared in Israel?

you ought to pray for Pope Francis

so that he understands that one cannot compare

the Berlin Wall and the Security fence.

Are people the same all over the world?


Some swear by death, destruction and martyrs

others sanctify life and innovation 

for the good of humanity, 

yet some in the world: the negationists

 and the intellectually blind,

see what they want to see, 

always treating Israel as the agressor.