How can college students be expected to grow if they are worried about being attacked either verbally or physically? There are too many instances of anti-Semitism on campus where not enough is being done to protect Jewish students.

Jewish StudentsThere are many incidents of note recently – including one on the University of California, Davis campus in 2012 when a number of Jewish students had a program which saw coordinated actions to interrupt and heckle the event’s speakers by the Students for Justice in Palestine at UC Davis. Another incident was part of a massive campaign during “Apartheid Week” at University of California Berkeley, which continues to take place yearly despite a federal lawsuit brought against the school. That lawsuit was settled in court-ordered mediation; the result of that mediation, which the plaintiffs were forced to accept, was that Apartheid Week demonstrators were no longer allowed to use “realistic” assault rifles and now use pieces of paper or other such items as “assault rifles” instead.

It is simply astonishing that this behavior takes place on college campuses. We need to take a stand and voice our concerns to school administrators and state legislators. We cannot sit by and watch as our kids are knocked down and attacked for being who they are.

Organizations like AMCHA Initiative, a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise the awareness of anti-Semitism occurring throughout U.S. college campuses, are out there bringing awareness to these growing acts of discrimination and anti-Semitism and we need to get behind groups like this to help make sure that our kids are protected.

It’s time to stand up and protect the rights of Jews and Zionists on college campuses.