Do the Costco shuffle

Do the Costco hustle

Throw it all in that wagon

Hey, flex your Passover muscle


Do the Mr. Clean waltz

Prepare Seder water with salts

That time of year

We’re finally here


When breadcrumbs grind to a halt


Do the Amex dance

You already know in advance

That bill, that bill– not much of a thrill

Yet Pesach’s a blessing and gift


Shout the Redemption holler

Whether you’re simpleton or scholar

We are slaves no longer

Our nation ever-stronger

O see the sun rising just now!


Take front, center stage as member

Of our holy nation

Four questions, four cups and a whole lot of fuss

To enhance the Yom Tov celebration


(Last but not least

On the Passover list)

Relive the story – from pyramids to frog

May it be THIS year in Jerusalem

Wishing all a joyous Chag.


“In every generation one must look upon himself as if he personally had gone out of Egypt.”  ~Pesachim 116b