Pneumonologists could say: We can now cure most long infections, and we’re working on the rest. We can stop most cases of asthma and in very bad cases of long disease replace someone’s longs. We have a request to make of the population: stop using tobacco.

Physicians who are specialized in digestion and nutrition could say: We have only four requests of the public: take in less white flour (grain, rice), animal produce, salt and alcohol.

Doctors should tell us: when you’re tired after a day’s work or learning, go for a walk, dance with a friend, have some closeness with your life partner, or go sport or work on a hobby, instead of watching TV (throw it out before it throws you out) and snacking on junk “food.”

That all would elevate life expectancy by 20 years. In these 20 years, doctors could find cures against all other illnesses. In those 20 years, the public should always use safety belts, stop capital punishment, wars, murder and hunger, give every population early warning posts for earth quakes and tsunamis and retain only safe buildings and jobs.

Then in yet another 20 years, we would all have stopped dying.

Farfetched? In takes longer to find out when we don’t start this.

And if we won’t live longer, then at least it will seem longer.