The official voice of Donald Duck in Disney Middle East, Wael Mansour, an Egyptian Singer, TV & Radio Host tweeted today “I truly wish #Israel is demolished, I hate Zionism..”. From his official twitter account with more than 20,000 followers, @Wa2elMansour then asked “I don’t know why insulting #Israel & #Zionism is “Anti-Semitic”?! They are just a bunch of Polish/ Ethiopian immigrants roughly 70 years old.” Indeed, this represents the views of so many in the Middle East – but Donald Duck?

While there has been ample-debate about whether the real Walt Disney was a racist Anti-Semite, clearly Donald Duck in the Middle East is a Jew-hater. Let’s hope he’s removed from his role real soon. Of course, it isn’t much different than official Palestinian Authority TV, This weekend, PA TV quizzed people on the street, and the right answers were about denying the State of Israel’s existence and referring to all of Israel as Palestinian-occupied territory.

Some other random thoughts:

  • In August 2012, President Obama said “We put Al Qaeda on its heels.” A year later, American Secretary of State John Kerry said “Embassies in the Middle East must close because of Al Qaeda threats!” Who said America doesn’t cave to terror?
  • Who can name the Americans who were killed in Benghazi at the American embassy? How can it be that they were forgotten so soon?
  • How can it be deemed as anything less than racist to condemn Israel for building in Judea & Samaria? Is not the goal of these peace talks for Jews and Arabs to be able to live in peace amongst one another?

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR.