I like to see challenges as opportunities and royal mess-ups as a real chance for creativity.  Pillar in the middle of the living room because the architect forgot a supporting beam in the roof?  Make a trellis with plants and paint it red and wait for interior designers to extol you.  Hole in your favourite sweater?  Sew a stunning button over it and start a trend.

The last 20 years have been a royal mess-up on a Pharaonic scale. Reams have been already been written and historians will clash as to what went wrong with the Oslo/road map/peace process.  Right now it’s irrelevant; there’s a fire burning out of control that must be reset to simmer.

Or not.

As others have also suggested, perhaps here’s a chance to shake out of the pattern and change the situation.  Not patch the hole but start something new. Abbas is not a partner for peace.  His leadership extends to inciting his people to jihad while crying victim. The conciliatory approach to the Temple Mount, denigrating Jewish rights by allowing Muslim hegemony has led to chaos, harassment and even attempted murder of Jews.  Settlement freezes-   met with huge building in PA areas, wildcat water drilling, antiquities theft and destruction and more attacks on civilians.

When the decisions are taken at our leadership level I hope they will not be just to quell this latest terror war, but to shake things up so it’s not so easily rekindled.  Stop covering up the proven failures of Oslo.  The emporor is naked.   Perhaps create cantons of Palestinian autonomy with local leaders who have what to lose if they aren’t in control.  Will they sing HaTikva?  Irrelevant.  Mutual interests make for quiet.  And after some quiet is achieved we can discuss options based on reality not fantasy.

There are many more ideas.  Use this opportunity when everyone understands that the situation cannot continue to reframe the issue at hand. It isn’t only about Judea and Samaria and the PA (and never really was)- but that’s a good place to start.