Widely reported, the US president got a physical check-up and turns out in great health. He can easily live out two terms in office and if he would have kept a better diet and exercised in the past 20 years he could live till 200.

To counter all the nonsense in the Fire and Fury book (which I discussed already), a neurological test was added. Cognitive ability tests assess abilities involved in thinking (e.g., reasoning, perception, memory, verbal and mathematical ability, and problem solving). Also that indicated great mental health only.

The president’s press secretary further stated, prior to the doctor’s press briefing, that the goal of the health assessment was an evaluation of the president’s fitness for office.

Well, do the positive (fantastic) results mean that Donald J. Trump is fit and in great health? No, they do not.

Things that he was not tested for are: psychological health, psychiatric health, character, moral health and societal intelligence. And some of the troubling results were swept under the rug.

Psychological Health

That he’s alert and that his reflexes work doesn’t mean that his psychological condition must be great. He could be a total dictator, manipulative, a total con artist, ruthless, paranoid and dyslectic. And some say he is.

Psychiatric Health

He could even be a bit of a nutter. He could see everyone as the enemy. He could see life as a game. He could be completely oversexed. And some say he is.


He could be nasty and unreliable. He could be heartless and greedy. He could still be without self-discipline (lazy) or patience. And some say he is.

Moral Health

He could be bent on making money and gaining power. He could be preparing the grounds for big war since his rich friends will make lots of money from that and will give him his share for the help. He could lend a hand in the continuous destruction of ecology and climate, just for the profit of the few. He could be just widen the rift between the rich and the poor, and the US and poorer countries. And some say he is.

Societal Intelligence

He could still be a sexist, a racist, an anti-Semite, look down on the handicapped, LGBTQs and the poor. And some say he is.

In other words: someone can be in excellent physical health and still be a nasty piece of work.

Troubling Results

The physical can put to rest the nonsense that he would be stupid, oversleeping or having a bad heart. It also shows the benefits of no alcohol, no tobacco and taking vitamins on a deficient diet. Yet …

His passivity is not just physical. Emotionally he’s not known for seeking help. He has the money and power to employ another solution. He stays happy by making everyone else around him suffer from his psychological handicaps. You don’t get depressed when you have enough people around you to put down, commandeer and fire with impunity.

And we never need to believe everything a physician says. The doc suggested that the president slurring his words recently was because big pharma had dried up his throat a bit too much. More likely was the opposite, his saliva glands started working overtime for some reason, which made him having a mouth full of fluid, rather than a dry mouth.

According to the Body Mass Index put forth by the federal Health and Human Services department … Trump is overweight and conveniently just one pound short of being obese. To get out of the obesity category, he tallness was inflated by an inch, while we know that 71-year olds don’t grow in height. Clean-shaven male physicians wearing ties may project an image of decency, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t lie.

Further, he takes a 5α-reductase inhibitor meant to prevent hair loss. This is sex hormonal stuff transgenders take to transition from male to female, because it is male to lose hair of the scalp and female to hold on to most of it. Interestingly, he’s on transgender medication and was earlier frustrating transgenders in the military. A major side effect of this medication is sexual dysfunction. Are his crass comments (and behavior?) on women and his long tie meant to compensate for impotence or to soothe the fear thereof? (Your honor, the pills did it.)