The 21st century transition towards a civilization of world peace needs a stern vigilance regarding the political lobby of arms’ industries.

The problem is not new.

On 17 January 1961, the 34th President of the United States – Dwight Eisenhower – made a severe alert to the nation about that.

One must take his warning into consideration, as tensions are artificially escalated. Islamic terrorism is widespread, anti-Semitism becomes once again fashionable, nuclear proliferation is allowed to accelerate, and many a short-sighted politician tries to fabricate a Second Cold War with Russia.

Military conflict may be good for death-merchants, and peace is boring for arms-dealers, but human life is more important than private profits. There is no power greater than truth. Sooner or later, Justice prevails. The world deserves to live free from the danger which Mr. Dwight Eisenhower talks about. See his friendly warning in this video of two minutes and 30 seconds:


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