Election Results from a Northern Yishuv

I read with interest the Post-Election Breakdown – How Israelis Voted article, however it seems that the North need not exist.

I live in a small Northern Yishuv called Eshchar. The yishuv is situated in the Misgav regional council just south of Karmiel in the Upper Galilee. The yishuv was established in 1986 by Anglo olim, but the majority of the residents are now native-Israelis. The community of 150 families is a mixed-community of religious, non-religious and traditional Jews from a range of backgrounds all committed to mutual respect and  pluralism. And it generally works.

There are a range of professions represented the yishuv, including Entrepreneurs, Company Owners, Doctors, Dentists, Engineers, Educators, Builders, Film Makers, Project Managers, Tour Guides, Marketers etc.

The total number of votes cast in the yishuv was 363, which included me, but not my wife as at 36-weeks pregnant she has been struck down with “walking pneumonia” (letters of sympathy may be sent via me, alternatively you can positive comments on her blogs and make her feel better about herself – Deganit Glick).

The election results from the yishuv are very different from the those reported elsewhere and came as a surprise to me. It also seems that I voted with the majority on the yishuv.

Labor Party – 31.4%
Jewish Home – 23.7%
Yesh Atid – 15.4%
Likud-Beitenu – 12.9%
Meretz – 4.7%
Am Shalem – 3.3%
Hatnuah – 2.8%
Hadash – 1.1%
Eretz Hadasha – 1.1%
Otzma LeYisrael – 1.1%
Shas – 0.8%
Ale Yarok – 0.8%
Koah LeHashpi’a – 0.3%
Dor – 0.3%
United Torah Judaism – 0.3%

So there you have it, the election results from a northern yishuv.

Let the games begin…

About the Author
Howard made aliyah from London two years ago and lives on a quiet yishuv in northern Israel with his wife and two young sons. The views expressed here are his own.