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Enough With Trump/Hitler Comparisons: A Response to Daniel Gordis

Taking on the demonizing comparison: You don't have to like The Donald, but come ON! (Join the ReplyAll thread)

Daniel Gordis is the Senior Vice President at Shalem College in Jerusalem, and he does NOT like Donald Trump — and he wants you to know it. That’s why so many of his Facebook posts argue in one form or another that Trump is a wannabe fascist dictator, or as Safam (one of my favorite Jewish music groups growing up) once sang, “Another Hitler waiting in the wings.”

This meme, and Danny is not the only one pedaling it, is tired and stale, which is why, a couple of months ago, I unfollowed him on Facebook. But Danny wants to make sure that I, Zach Abramowitz, know that he thinks Trump is Hitler which is why, starting last week, Danny began tagging me in every one of his Facebook posts, daring me to block him.


I have no problem with someone who doesn’t like Trump or doesn’t want to vote for Trump. But this line of attack is not only ineffective, it has actually helped Trump win the nomination, and it will help Trump as he glides to the White House. These attacks have failed for the same reason that the “Trump is a racist” attack failed as well. It’s hard to convince people that someone is a racist, a misogynist or an anti-Semite for that matter when he employs Jews, women, Latinos and people of color in executive roles within his company, marches in the Israel day parade, and, oh, that minor detail of his daughter Ivanka converting to Judaism. There are valid criticisms of Trump (even Trump would admit that), but it’s hard to find them and pick them out when they are clouded by crazy comparisons paralleled only by “Obama is an Islamic cleric in disguise.” As the Talmud says, “Tafasta meruba lo tafasta” or “He who grabs too much grabs nothing at all.”

I appreciate Danny’s concern for another Holocaust-like tragedy, and being that he is a professor of history, it is certainly possible that he is seeing something that I, and others like me, are missing. So, unlike most responses and open letters, I’m actually inviting Danny to respond to me right here on this very page. I highly doubt he will take me up on the offer, but at the very least, maybe this will get him to stop tagging me on Facebook.

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Zach Abramowitz is a former lawyer and standup comedian. He is CEO & cofounder of Israeli based startup ReplyAll.me, which makes it easy for content creators to publish great conversations. He also writes for AbovetheLaw.com and blogs at blog.replyall.me.