While reading the interview with Anat Hoffman of WOW in the most recent edition of JP, it occurred to me that discrimination and marginalization, occurs on an equally grand scale within Israel as regards to religious streams.

Ok, you guessed it: I am a Reform Jew. A product oh survivor parents brought to the US by HIAS I recently made Aliyah. Yet I attend a synagogue, a very lovely one I should add, without a building or the capability of paying a full time rabbi.

You might say I am disadvantaged. Why?

But let’s put aside my personal gripes. Does it make sense for Israel to continue this marginalization of what is internationally a numerically superior Jewish population?

While in the states I was quiet active in AIPAC and Federation. You do realize that these bodies are packed with Reform and Conservative Jews?

And let us not forget that here in Israel we rely on the flow of financial contributions from these groups to sustain our society.

It is tiring to hear about the ultraconservatives hold on political and religious power.

It was heard before during the birth of Zionism and throughout the 20th century while Palestine was being settled and the state of Israel was built.

I want my rights too!

On the eve of Erev Yon Kippur, I call on all to wake up. We Jews are all equal and demand to be treated equally.

I wish everyone a blessed and productive New Year.