As important as Jewish-American political support is for Israel, in so many ways, the support of Christian Evangelical Americans is even more important.   There are more Christians, and their voices are clearly heard louder in the political arena.

Wanted to gather and share some quotes on the importance of the many different Christian lovers of Israel – From television executives like David Cerullo of INSP to the great Pastor John Hagee, so much important work being done by Christian Evangelicals to support Israel:

  • “Contrary to popular opinion, the evangelical Christian’s support for Israel is an outworking of social responsibility, under the basis of secular standards, such as international law and human rights.” Roland Peer
  • “The popular opinion is that that the American evangelical’s “unconditional” support for Israel is a result of fundamentalist theology, which drives the group’s political alliance with the pro-Israel lobby.”
  • We stand proud, loudly and clearly to defend and protest Israel from constant terrorist and international legal attacks.  Israel is the good guys in the Middle East.” Jay Sekulow, ACLJ
  • “While millions of Christians support Israel, there are millions more who do not yet vocally stand up for the Jewish state. It is crucial to educate Christians on the Biblical and moral imperatives to support Israel and to build Christian support for Israel throughout America.” CUFI
  • “Ladies and Gentleman, evangelical Christians support Israel because we believe that the words of Moses and the ancient prophets of Israel were inspired by God.” Pat Robertson
  • “Support for Israel among evangelical Christians is a growing phenomenon that has many American Jews scratching their heads and asking questions.” Matthew M. Hausman
  • “The day America turns its back on Israel, that day God will turn his back on the United States of America.” Pastor John Hagee
  • “Christian support for the restoration of the Jews to their ancient homeland has been around for as long as Christians have been able to read the Bible for themselves.” ICEJ
  • “In addition to our reading of the Bible, we also support Israel because we have studied the history of the modern State of Israel and we know that the facts are on her side.” Susan Michael
  • “The Jewish people have a biblical mandate to occupy and control the land of Israel.”

Onward and upward.