After countless maladies, I am finally back at the gym for “light” exercise, comprised solely of 30 minutes on a recumbent. The push-and-pull requires little exertion, but the boredom is immense.

HERE’S A SOLUTION for believers or all stripes:  Let that be the time for your morning devotions. Close your eyes, pick up the cadence, focus your intentions, and softly chant your morning prayers.

I have been blessed by 60+ years of saying my prayers in Hebrew, so doing them by heart is second-nature.  But that’s immaterial.  Just pray.  God picks up language pretty well, and He’s a great Googler.  Daven!  Pray!

THIS MORNING I DAVENED from “Keriat Shema”” through the “Amidah.”  As I pick up the cadence I will push myself from “Yotzer.”  Next, “Baruch She-Amar.”  Before you know it, I will be at “Anim Zemirot.”  Running a Yom Kippur marathon would give you sufficient time to recite all of Musaf including the Avodah.  But please, no genuflecting!

SO NOW GET BACK on your recumbent and daven.  Poof goes the boredom.  Time flies when you’re got a Friend.

WILUDI, Rabbi Marc Wilson, writes from Greenville, SC.