The Obama Administration has an awful track record on foreign affairs. From their pure political judgment on Egypt to the Benghazi fiasco, the ongoing Snowden escapade to the humanitarian crisis which is ongoing in Syria.  Rest assured, Obama ain’t doing too well worldwide.

Given this track record, what’s the likelihood they will get anywhere in the delicate talks which are now slated between Israel and the Palestinians? (Why Israel is even of interest while 100,000 Syrians have been killed and the death toll continues to mount is a discussion for another time.)

But, if Obama has any hope, why choose a liberal, biased member of a partisan, extremist organization as the American mediator?  Was Martin Indyk, a Board member of The New Israel Fund (NIF), an organization which supports Anti-Israel organizations chosen because Jimmy Carter was not available?  Extremists like NIF endanger peace in the Middle East – and politicians with their viewpoints have tiny representation in Israeli politics. Why choose extremists to help make peace?

Rightfully, as reported by Algemeiner, Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon called upon Prime Minister Netanyahu to find another broker. As Danon said “I request that you ask the American administration for an honest broker for these negotiations.” Indyk has previously called on Israel to stop building in Jerusalem, and the man who has been called a “Jew-Boy” by Israeli Knesset members may not be aware that a right-wing government is in power in the independent State of Israel.

One may wonder from a Public Relations standpoint, when does America decide enough failure is enough?  There is such arrogance on the part of America to choose Indyk – haven’t they already learned from their many failures in the Middle East? Martin Indyk is no honest broker and it’s absurd to suggest the man can hold this job.