Army Radio in Israel announced that the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center in San Diego cancelled a Eyal Golan concert which was planned for January 19, 2014. They cancelled the concert because of Golan’s admission of statutory rape with underage girls. While the cancellation attracted media attention, (and feigned outrange from Golan’s Israel-based promoters), what should instead attract attention is that the man is booked by anyone, anywhere.

Golan admitted to having sex with underage girls – while he was not indicted, he is not innocent. And indeed, Golan’s father and friends located girls at his concerts, plied them with drugs, and they had sex with the girls. This is decency? Which community center would want someone like this even in their community center?

I am a major fan of Eyal Golan and have attended countless numbers of his concerts. Last week, he was in New York, and for the first time in many years I didn’t attend.

Who can attend an Eyal Golan concert and know they are giving child rapist money? What kind of “Jewish community center” can send a message to the youth of our community that it’s ok to be a child rapist – as long as you are a great singer?

Shame on Eyal Golan. The Jewish Community Center of San Diego did the right thing.